Individual and Family Workshops


YOGA – The Universal tool –part I

Wednesday, November 13, from 18:30 to 20:00
$25/person; $30/family*


1- YOGA of action - Karma Yoga - yoga of the right action and renunciation of the fruits of your actions.

2- YOGA of love and devotion - Bhakti Yoga – LOVE the Cosmic vibration


YOGA – The Universal tool –part II

Wednesday, November 20, from 18:30 to 20:00
$25/person; $30/family*


3- YOGA of body and mind control - Raja Yoga (named also Ashtanga Yoga because its practices can be divided into eight limbs). Hatha Yoga is part of Raja Yoga and is a preparatory stage for meditation.

4- YOGA of knowledge - Jnana Yoga - consists of properly understanding of the field of activity-that is the body and the knower of the body-that is the soul.


A Helpful Hand: Yoga for Teens - with Irina Kazakevic

On request. Saturdays or Sundays, 10:00-17:00.
$130/ person.


This workshop is designed for teenagers, their parents and teachers. There has never been a time when teenagers were subjected to more stress than right now: numerous peer pressures, information overload, high expectations for academic and athletic performance, and social status. At the same time, they are dealing with rapid physiological and hormonal changes in their bodies.
In this workshop you can learn Yoga postures, breathing and relaxation techniques, and interactive exercises that could be integrated into daily life.


Corporate Workshops


Some of the benefits of Yoga in the workplace include: improved employee health, productivity, morale, and job satisfaction and reduced stress, absenteeism and turnover. Reduced workplace injuries and professional diseases are other potential advantages of practicing certain Yoga techniques on a regular basis.


Love Your Job - with Michael Burlacu

45 to 60 minutes

$130/group (max. 25 persons)


This workshop will give your employees a clear idea about the advantages of considering their colleagues/clients as family members and doing their work with love.



* Family prices are for two persons. Please add $15 per additional person.